How to Choose the Right Leather Saddlebags

08 Aug


Leather saddlebags are an essential accessory for a motorcycle.  You can use the leather saddlebags to carry items that you cannot place in your luggage or pocket.  You can put clothes or jackets, helmets or refreshments depending on the size of your bags.   The bags are made from nylon and most are made of leather.   Most bikers prefer buying leather saddlebags as they are durable and low-maintenance.   The leather saddlebags come in different styles that easily match your accessories and clothes. 


Before you purchase a leather saddlebag at, determine your budget.   The price of the bags range from 200 - 500 dollars.   The price depends on the type of motorcycle luggage you have or expect to carry.   Refrain from purchasing the bags from showrooms irrespective of how stylish they appear.   Motorcyclists admit that the charges are outrageous in showrooms like the dealerships.   Besides, they rarely provide saddlebags from authentic leather.   Most motorcycle accessories shops sell heavy-duty leather saddlebags.


The primary thing to consider when purchasing the saddlebags is how it is mounted.   There are two kinds of mounting, bolt-on saddlebags and throw-over saddlebags.   Throw-over saddlebags involve fastening using strings under the shocks.   It is a cheaper and easy to install option than the bolt-on saddlebags.   Bolt-on saddlebags are more secure and use mounting hardware which is secured by screwing it to a strong part of your motorcycle. Know more about bags at


Pick the right locks after you have chosen the most suitable leather saddlebags at  Ensure the saddlebags have locks that protect your belongings.   Choose saddlebags locks with buckles and have no snap-on.   Choose a lock that robbers will have a difficult time opening to access your motorcycle storage.   You can opt for a lock with a quick-release buckle as it makes it easier to open the leather saddlebags.   Ensure your locks do not look obvious but discourage burglary of the motorcycle compartment.


The quick-release buckle is normally hidden under the leather saddlebags straps.  The leather is made from durable material that only sags after prolonged use.  The sagging is also due to exposure to rain, heat and other climate factors.  You can reinforce the leather saddlebags using a metal frame to strengthen it and prevent sagging.   Check if the reinforcing leather saddlebag is made from stainless steel and don't purchase it if it is only made from brass as it will rust and stain the exterior or interior of your saddlebags.

Customize the motorcycle to suit your desires.   You can use the saddlebags to store your useful items as you go on a journey.   Choose suitable saddlebags that meet your preference and usability requirement.   Saddlebags need proper conditioning and cleaning to enhance the appearance of the motorcycle.   Harsh weather and rain affect the condition of the leather saddlebags after years of use.

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